Lil Stinky DISinfecting, and Deodorizing with up to 30 days protection

'We Disinfect to Protect'

As a Disinfecting and Deodorization Service Provider, Lil Stinky provides ozone treatment, disinfectant fogging, and probiotics services that destroy life-threatening viruses, mold, and other pathogens lasting  up to 30 days.

Residential & Commercial Disinfecting and Deodorizing Services


Residential Disinfecting Services

Imagine your home smelling so fresh that it smells like a bed of roses and free from viruses, mold, and nasty odors through natural oxidation. Whether you live in a condo or the White House, we will deliver superior service that offers your family peace of mind and a safe place to breathe.

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Building Owners and Investors, have you thought about disinfecting your place of business to protect your employees and customers?  Do you want to build trust and good morale with your employees? Our solutions are safe to use in all facilities, including food establishments, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and homes. Our probiotic treatment can also help protect for up to thirty days against viral and bacterial reintroduction concerns.


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We Disinfect to Protect your client’s home. Lil Stinky provides disinfecting and deodorizing services that remove life-threatening viruses and other pathogens from your client's home.

Why Choose Lil Stinky?

We understand that a safe and  healthy home and work environment is vital to protecting the well-being of those that are most important to you. With our disinfecting and deodorizing services, you can be proactive instead of reactive in keeping your residence and places of business a healthy place to live and work every day. 

You can expect Lil Stinky to exceed your expectations with our commitment to excellent service, and we use disinfecting products free of harmful chemicals and safe for high contact surfaces. Our professionally-trained technicians also follow CDC recommended protocols & the use of appropriate PPE.

Saving you time and money! Never worry again about remembering to call for service.

Services offered

Let us provide you with clean fresh air!

Disinfectant Fogging
  • Deep Down Disinfecting & destroys viruses
  • Broad Spectrum Sanitizer
  • Green, Non-Toxic
  • Air Cleaning
Destroys the biofilm that bacteria and viruses need to grow to protect from re-infection of treated areas for up to thirty days.
Ozone Treatment
Destroys Viruses, Mold, & Odors through Natural Oxidation.

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Anne Arundel County
Baltimore County
Carroll County
Harford County
Howard County
Fredrick County
Prince Georges County
Washington, D.C.
Baltimore City

Let us provide you with clean fresh air!

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